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The Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network (BYSN) is a student-driven organization that unites youth from all across Burnaby to take action towards a more sustainable future for our district.


The first step to involving yourself with Burnaby Youth Sustainability Network is to simply show up at any of our meetings or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Anybody is welcome, although please keep in mind this is a student-run network and it is recommended you attend meetings with a willingness to learn new things!


During monthly meetings, students have the chance to learn, explore, and act. Through engaging workshops and discussions, they learn about different aspects of sustainability and are exposed to fresh perspectives on the concept. They have the chance to voice their concerns and opinions to a keen, sympathetic peer audience as well the chance to initiate or help with projects on issues that they are passionate about. Two such projects are BYSN’s Generation Green program and the annual DO IT GREEN conference.

Generation Green is a mentorship program that closes the bridge between high school students and elementary school students. Currently, high school students are working with our buddies from Forest Grove Elementary School, one of BYSN’s partner elementary schools, to improve and learn about the elementary school’s garden while having lots of fun at the same time!

Do It Green is an annual sustainability conference open to all students and staff members of the Burnaby School District. Attendees will listen to keynote speakers, participate in a variety of workshops and gain the chance to see what all of the high schools are doing to promote earth-friendliness. DIG is fully organized and run by BYSN students, giving members a chance to experience taking on the tasks of organizing a district-wide event, as well as giving them the chance to be able to share what they’re doing to improve sustainability with students beyond the network.

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